Covid Flow

Enabling covid-19 patients to recover at home, optimise hospital resources and avoid unnecessary or lengthy hospitalisations.

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Hassle free

An end-to-end service model including logistical services unburdens the hospital staff.

User friendly

A patient app guides the patient in measuring their body temperature, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and breathing.


A hospital dashboard, integrated in the EPD, helps to manage and triage patients.

The Covid Flow contains the following
insights and annotations:

  • ECG data
  • Respiration
  • Body temperature
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Heart rate

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Dashboard with spot-check parameters

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CovidCare@Home – Telemedicine for COVID-19 Patients

Telehealth and telemedicine describe health care services rendered without face-to-face contact between a provider and patient, and the terms have been around for decades. However, the number of telehealth applications with demonstrable impact have been few and far between, despite the omnipresence of secure telecommunication technologies in most parts of the world.

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CovidCare@Home is a procedure pack as defined in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745). It bundles CE-certified medical devices. Any diagnostic decisions based on data submitted through CovidCare@Home are the responsibility of the attending physician. Contact us to learn more.