And yes, at Byteflies we believe our company culture is a very important asset, one that will help us revolutionize healthcare and be successful in our mission.

To us, it’s not about the ping-pong table or the fancy office. Or the parties that we throw. (We do throw parties and have fun together!). Culture is a shared way of doing something, the shared reality in which the work is done. It’s the things we do without thinking about it; a series of habits (on a personal level, team level, organizational level). We consciously design and improve our habits and create a context for our talented crew to shine and do great things!

Byteflies team

So, what’s it like to work at Byteflies?

Short version: It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s different. And the distance between our work and impact on patient’s lives is super short.

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Impactful warriors & positive teamplayers

Our Values are not just nice words and posters on the wall. We try to live and breathe them in our daily interactions.

How we organize and work together is based on some guiding principles

  • Purpose & People: We can only deliver on our ambitious goals by caring deeply for people: patients, doctors and our Byteflies crew.

  • Trust is our default stance.
  • Freedom & Responsibility: we create an environment where there is maximum freedom to act & experiment. We own our mistakes & learn from them.
  • Continuous Feedback: we give, ask, receive feedback to understand how we create impact and where we can grow. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations.
  • Transparency: We show and tell, we celebrate wins & learnings, we face the brutal facts while staying positive.
  • Cross-Functional Teams who fully own a domain and combine all skills and expertise to do so: product development, sales, engineering, customer support … work together in one team (and are not organized in different ‘departments’)

Byteflies Day: our take on letting you experience our culture during the hiring process

You getting to know us and us getting to know you is the goal of the different hiring conversations we have. A final step in our hiring process is a full day at Byteflies: an immersive experience!
During Byteflies Day, you get to know a lot of potential colleagues while you work on a tailored assignment together with your future colleagues. You join our weekly company update and we close the day with Happy Hour.
A win-win: we see you in action, you know what you sign up for. And hopefully spending a day with us will get you even more excited to join our team and revolutionize healthcare!

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Did we spark your interest?

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