EEG Flow

Enabling insights in seizure burden or sleep quality outside the hospital.

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Proven impact

This flow has been validated in several multicenter research trials and published in 20+ papers

User-friendly and discrete

Comfortable day and night monitoring for adult as well as pediatric patients

Reduced overhead

Reduced burden for hospital & neurologists via an end-to-end service model including logistics from and to the patient's home

Listen to the benefits witnessed by families

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The EEG Flow contains the following insights:

  • Raw EEG data

To improve sensitivity this can be combined into a multimodal set-up with other insights such as

  • Raw ECG data
  • Raw motion data

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What is Byteflies Building for People with Epilepsy and Why?

We built a personalizable seizure monitoring wearable for home use that extends the capabilities of specialized hospital equipment.

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What has Byteflies Built for People with Epilepsy (so far)?

Back in 2021, we wrote a post with the subtitle “A personalizable seizure monitoring wearable for home use that extends the capabilities of specialized hospital equipment”. Since then, we have stayed passionately committed to the mission of tackling them on two fronts. This post will focus on what we have built since then, and how it is being used in practice to help people with epilepsy and their families right now.

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Arto's story

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Publication list

  1. Online Automated Seizure Detection in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients Using Single-lead ECG
  2. Semi-Supervised One-Class Transfer Learning for Heart Rate Based Epileptic Seizure Detection
  3. Comparison between Scalp EEG and Behind-the-Ear EEG for Development of a Wearable Seizure Detection System for Patients with Focal Epilepsy
  4. Automated Epileptic Seizure Detection Based on Wearable ECG and PPG in a Hospital Environment
  5. Adaptive nocturnal seizure detection using heart rate and low-complexity novelty detection
  6. Comparison and Combination of Electrocardiogram, Electromyogram and Accelerometry for Tonic-Clonic Seizure Detection in Children
  7. Ictal autonomic changes as a tool for seizure detection: a systematic review
  8. Live Demonstration: SeizeIT - A wearable multimodal epileptic seizure detection device
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  12. Personalizing Heart Rate-Based Seizure Detection Using Supervised SVM Transfer Learning
  13. Visual seizure annotation and automated seizure detection using behind-the-ear electroencephalographic channels
  14. Wearable seizure detection devices in refractory epilepsy
  15. Multimodal wearable that can continuously monitor musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, and central nervous system activity
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  20. Wearable detection of tonic seizures in childhood epilepsy: An exploratory cohort study
  21. In-hospital and home-based long-term monitoring of focal epilepsy with a wearable electroencephalographic device: Diagnostic yield and user experience

Vital Signs is a procedure pack as defined in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745). It bundles Byteflies Kit and 3rd party CE-certified medical devices under the MDR.

Vital Signs is prescribed and operated by appropriately trained medical professionals; any diagnostic decisions are the responsibility of the prescribing physician.