Impact across care pathways:


Hours of continuous data




Annotated insights

Better Insights.
Bigger Impact.

Flows capture real-world data and transform them into actionable insights that healthcare providers can easily access.

Because the right insights can make all the difference.

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doctor looking at dashboard with relevant data

Optimised processes.
More time for patients.

By simplifying operations and reducing administration, we give healthcare providers the gift of time.

Because every moment counts.

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Pay as you use.
Scale as you grow.

Our on-demand model allows healthcare organisations to access best-in-class monitoring without large initial investments.

Because finances shouldn’t stop patients from receiving the best care possible.

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How Byteflies works? Flows.

At Byteflies, we configure flows.

Every flow is a different collection of captured data and derived insights, bundled in an end-to-end service.

Each one designed to help healthcare providers create more impact within a care pathway.

Flows integrate into your way of working, and cover everything from the moment the patient leaves the hospital up until you receive the requested insights.

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EMR integration

Manage your patients through your medical record software.

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Optimised logistics

Ready-to-use devices at any time, at no additional cost.

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Comfortable monitoring

Patients are monitored during their daily activities.

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Accurate Insights

Relevant diagnostic insights are derived from the data.

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Near real-time reports

These insights are made available in the medical record or clinician dashboard.

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