We enable wearable health

Byteflies is on a mission to make virtual care available to all. Our Care@Home solutions leverage the power of remote patient monitoring and real-world data to generate actionable insights for healthcare providers and patients. Together, we can make health care more accessible, personalized, and preventive.

Byteflies Care@Home ー Your Hospital at Home

Care@Home solutions generate smart and actionable medical insights. Consisting of comfortable and easy-to-use wearable Sensor Dots, adaptive dashboards that integrate with your hospital workflow, reports with actionable insights, and logistical services so you only have to think about what’s important, your patient’s health.

Five steps

Patient-Centric & Outcome Driven

Care@Home solutions are built with love and purpose. We are driven by the impact we can have on quality of life and delivery of first-class health care in an equitable and patient-centric manner.

Quality Management

ISO 13485 & FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliant

Medical Devices

CE marked MDR 2017/745 and/or FDA 510(k) cleared

Data Privacy

GDPR 2016/679 and HIPAA compliant

Data Security

Following ISO 27001 industry standards

The Byteflies Platform

Care@Home solutions are powered by the state-of-the-art Byteflies platform. Accurate, secure, safe, user-friendly, powerful, scalable, and agile are some of the principles our engineers uphold when meticulously designing each component. Our wearables and software are certified medical devices, and our cloud infrastructure, algorithms and apps are designed with patient confidentiality, interoperability and data governance in mind.

Recent news

As a society, is there a need to do regular cardiac monitoring with the latest digital tools to reduce the chance of stroke?
It's an important question since stroke is one of the leading causes of disability and death in our society.

The answer, though, is a bit more complicated that we had anticipated.
Find out more in our newest article!

We are proud to announce that we can present our groundbreaking findings at the 2022 AES Annual Meeting in Nashville.
Our abstract “EpiCare@Home: a novel tool for neurologists to enable virtual care for people living with epilepsy” was accepted.
We showcase the potential importance and clinical utility of remote patient monitoring in epilepsy care. The >75% positive clinical impact indicates EpiCare@Home can deliver actionable medical insights based on real-world data that supports more informed and timely decisions to improve the delivery of care for those affected by epilepsy.

AZ Sint-Maarten exemplifies how we skyrocket to reach more patients and support virtual care. Because we share this common purpose they welcomed the implementation of our Byteflies platform.
Our different Care@Home solutions leverage the power of remote patient monitoring and real-world data capturing to generate actionable insights across several therapeutic areas. The specialized use cases, all integrated in 1 platform, allow us to optimize care for many patients.

The ability to accurately count seizures is important to provide the best care for each individual with epilepsy.
Together with UCB Pharma, Byteflies has been paving the way to more accurate seizure counting outside the hospital. EpiCare@Home provides a powerful and unobtrusive remote seizure monitoring device and neurologist dashboard.

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