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Byteflies is on a mission to make virtual care available to all. Our Care@Home solutions leverage the power of remote patient monitoring and real-world data to generate actionable insights for healthcare providers and patients. Together, we can make health care more accessible, personalized, and preventive.

Byteflies Care@Home ー Your Hospital at Home

Care@Home solutions generate smart and actionable medical insights. Consisting of comfortable and easy-to-use wearable Sensor Dots, adaptive dashboards that integrate with your hospital workflow, reports with actionable insights, and logistical services so you only have to think about what’s important, your patient’s health.

Five steps

Patient-Centric & Outcome Driven

Care@Home solutions are built with love and purpose. We are driven by the impact we can have on quality of life and delivery of first-class health care in an equitable and patient-centric manner.

Quality Management

ISO 13485 & FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliant

Medical Devices

CE marked MDR 2017/745 and/or FDA 510(k) cleared

Data Privacy

GDPR 2016/679 and HIPAA compliant

Data Security

Following ISO 27001 industry standards

The Byteflies Platform

Care@Home solutions are powered by the state-of-the-art Byteflies platform. Accurate, secure, safe, user-friendly, powerful, scalable, and agile are some of the principles our engineers uphold when meticulously designing each component. Our wearables and software are certified medical devices, and our cloud infrastructure, algorithms and apps are designed with patient confidentiality, interoperability and data governance in mind.

Recent news

Can remote patient monitoring be a better option for diagnosing sleep disorders?

We are very pleased to read the progress of KU Leuven & Elisabeth Heremans on remote monitoring for sleep disorders with our technology.
Monitoring sleep at home can be more comfortable, more cost-efficient and more informative (because patients can be monitored for multiple nights).

We're sleeping soundly knowing that these scientists are on the case!

Can remote patient monitoring help to prevent or diagnose cardiotoxicity resulting from cancer treatment?
A remarkable progress has been made in the diagnosis and management of almost all types of cancer. Patients now have access to advanced diagnostic tools and a wider range of treatment options, resulting in an increase in life expectancy. Despite this encouraging development, cancer patients may experience significant cardiovascular damage as a result of the cardiotoxic side effects of their treatment. Remote patient monitoring can play an important role in managing cardiotoxicity!

Accelerated transition to virtual hospital: Byteflies raises 4.5 million euros to lead the way

The healthcare sector has discovered the benefits of remote patient monitoring in recent years. The sector is ready to structurally deploy these solutions to provide fully virtual monitoring of patients throughout their care path. Byteflies currently already works with 35% of Belgian hospitals, and we want to facilitate this evolution by remotely monitoring patients before, during and after their admission to the hospital. To accelerate further growth and make the underlying patient data platform accessible for virtual monitoring, Byteflies raised 4.5 million euros from investment fund Sensinnovat, several business angels and VLAIO.

As a society, is there a need to do regular cardiac monitoring with the latest digital tools to reduce the chance of stroke?
It's an important question since stroke is one of the leading causes of disability and death in our society.

The answer, though, is a bit more complicated that we had anticipated.
Find out more in our newest article!

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