About Byteflies

We enable virtual care. We facilitate the decentralization of healthcare by giving our customers access to remote patient monitoring tools, real-world data and relevant clinical insights. We transform how chronic patients are treated by changing monitoring days in the hospital to monitoring weeks at home.

Our flows empower your team with the insights they need while taking off the pressure through logistical, technology, and annotation support.

Byteflies is structured in autonomous cross-functional teams that have all skills to complete their own part of the Byteflies mission. All of these teams have great autonomy in reaching their goals. Currently, we are looking for an ECG annotator to join our team full time or part time.

Could you be an annotator for Byteflies?

Sensor Dots are small wearable devices that can record high fidelity ECG and physical motion signals and transmit them securely to the Byteflies Cloud. As an annotator you check the data and the results of the algorithms before the data is processed to the dashboards of medical professionals. You also assist in labeling data and help us train and validate models.

Either you already are a certified EKG technician or Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Technician or you have experience as a nurse or technician in the cardiac or intensive care department in a hospital. In that case we would welcome your experience and train you in the specifics of our Byteflies Platform.

Alternatively, you have had less training or experience, but you have a keen interest in medicine & biomedical data and have experience in fast decision making. You love work that needs precision and concentration and you want to invest in becoming a certified Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Technician.

In general:

  • You have experience in medicine or the healthcare industry. Experience with ECG interpretation is a huge plus.
  • You can work precisely and meticulously. You can concentrate well.
  • You are a fast decision maker
  • You feel at ease to communicate in English.
  • You will be trained by Byteflies. The initial training takes 2-3 days.
  • You can do the work remotely: anywhere you have access to a computer and a secure wifi connection should do.
  • You will have the opportunity to consistently improve your ECG analysis skills as we expand our product and measure more patients

We offer

We offer this job either as a part time or a full time position:

  • Part time: you commit to a minimum of 19 hours per week, Monday to Friday, within flexible office hours (8 am to 6 pm). Exceptional candidates with high expertise may be considered for a minimum commitment adjustment
  • Full time: we work a 38 hour week, flexible starting hours, both on premise as remote.

This job is offered in an employee status (standard Byteflies benefits & working equipment included) or to freelancers who can invoice to Belgium and be paid in the EU.

You will be part of the cross functional Cardio Annotations Team, and be able to participate in the further scaling of our products and services.

If you would join us full time (or close to) there will definitely be opportunities to include other tasks and responsibilities in your role.

At Byteflies you'll have the possibility to

  • take part in our journey to enable out of hospital monitoring and the chance to have a direct impact on people‚Äôs health care
  • grow with Byteflies and unlock rapid professional growth and lots of new challenges
  • work with a bunch of awesome colleagues who will challenge you to keep learning
  • join a working environment based on real autonomy & responsibility

A competitive salary and benefits package is of course part of the deal.

Want to apply for this role?

Send your resume & motivation letter to jobs@byteflies.com

If you have questions or want to know more before applying, use that same email address and we'll get in touch.

Ask any Byteflies crew member for information and their take on working at Byteflies.