Our mission

Byteflies is on a mission to make virtual care available to all. Our Care@Home solutions leverage the power of remote patient monitoring and real-world data to generate actionable insights for healthcare providers and patients. Together, we can make healthcare more accessible, personalized, and preventive.

Byteflies is structured in autonomous cross-functional teams that all have skills to complete their own part of the Byteflies mission. Teams have great autonomy in reaching their goals.
We are looking for an entrepreneurial colleague with lots of energy and passion to create products and change the lives of patients and doctors.

Seasoned software engineer at Byteflies: What does that mean?

We are looking for a senior software engineer with both broad and deep knowledge. An architect who likes & wants to code, a software craftsman with architectural experience. You know how to surface & understand user & business needs, you can translate that into pragmatic, maintainable applications and you can run what is in production.

You have a toolbelt filled with principles and practices and you know when to apply which tool. You have sufficient flying hours in diverse environments under your belt; difficult to put a number on it, but we think 8+ years as an indication.

Our approach to this role is very simple: you do whatever is needed to help us build the software part of our product: whether this means you code backend logic, are developing and evolving the dashboard the physicians use, dive into the AI components of our solutions, or develop a mobile app for patients. What we create and build, we also run. So include cloud and ops. “Cross-functional” is a term that comes to mind. Or “Swiss army knife”.

And if you want to include embedded software development, firmware design & creating bridges to hardware? Yes, please, come and talk to us!!

As a team member you take part in thinking about and discussing how our product should evolve. We want you to make suggestions for improvements, not only technical ones. Your creative problem-solving skills should not stop at only technical aspects. We want to maximize your brainpower.

And what about our technical stack?

As a software craftsman you can use any language and framework. We use Typescript, Python & AWS as our building blocks.

What will we be on the lookout for?

  • You put your analytical skills to work.
  • You are able to communicate development concepts to non-developers.
  • You have broad technical knowledge and skills. You have experience on multiple technology stacks at both high and low levels.
  • You can help a product team with value discovery through prototyping, research, and are able to quickly gain a deeper understanding of the business domain.
  • You can provision and support cloud infrastructure, using infrastructure as code.
  • A commitment to doing things in a sustainable and secure way.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Familiarity with concepts of multi-layer application designs.
  • Quality-oriented: follow best practices like testing (TDD?), pair programming, continuous integration/deployment, Agile methodologies and SOLID principles.
  • Experience with mentoring team members
  • You are passionate about writing and improving (clean) code and systems.
  • You are a true team player with a collaborative approach, sharing knowledge, humbly learning from others too.
  • You are curious and love learning new technologies, techniques and approaches.
  • You are at your best in a fast-paced and multidisciplinary environment, you’re willing to go the extra mile to learn from and train your colleagues.

We offer

  • A possibility to take part in our journey to enable out-of-hospital monitoring and the chance to have a direct impact on people’s health care. We are mission driven and love how our daily work impacts people.
  • Growing with Byteflies will unlock rapid career development paths and lots of new software challenges.
  • A bunch of awesome colleagues who will challenge you to keep learning.
  • A working environment based on real autonomy and responsibility.
  • A hybrid work environment: our main office is in Antwerp: we come to the office when we want to and when we need to. Nobody will regulate your time in office vs remote work vs work with patients and hospitals/doctors. You’ll have the flexibility to organize your time and work.
  • A competitive salary and benefits package is of course part of the deal.
  • Whether you’re on our payroll or you work as an independent freelancer, that’s an admin thing.