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About Byteflies

We are the digital health company behind Sensor Dot, a powerful wearable platform for 24/7 acquisition of physiologic and behavioral data. We have developed remote monitoring applications for COVID-19, epilepsy and cardiovascular diseases, and have a pipeline of additional clinical indications.

Byteflies is structured in autonomous cross-functional teams that have all skills to complete their own part of the Byteflies mission. All of these teams have great autonomy in reaching their goals. We are looking for an entrepreneurial colleague with lots of energy and passion to spread the telemonitoring gospel and change the lives of patients, physicians, and health care professionals.

The Scrum Master role at Byteflies

Scrum Masters at Byteflies is not a full-time role, it is instead a role you combine with a different, primary role. Your new colleagues Sofie and Kat are Field Testers and Scrum Masters. Waverlee is an Application Engineer and Scrum Master.

Our recently started CovidCare@Home team is looking for a Scrum Master. And for our new OncoCare team, a Scrum Master is also on our wishlist.

The Scrum Master role can be combined with any role in the team (except for the Product Owner role): Software Developer, Application Engineer, Field Tester, Solutions Facilitator … check out current vacancies.

For us, Scrum Masters are guardians of transparency. They have a broad focus: from scrum and lean in practice, over team to the entire organization. They combine analytical skills with a deep interest and understanding in people and processesteam dynamics.

If you think you have what it takes to be or become a great Scrum Master and can combine this role with one of the job openings, please let us know and make it clear in your application.

Sounds interesting?

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