EpiCare@Home Annotator with EEG reading experience

About Byteflies

We are the digital health company behind Sensor Dot, a powerful wearable platform for 24/7 acquisition of physiologic and behavioral data. We have developed remote monitoring applications for COVID-19, epilepsy and cardiovascular diseases, and have a pipeline of additional clinical indications. Currently, we are looking for an EEG specialist annotator to support our epilepsy solution, EpiCare@Home, in the market, in Belgium and abroad.

Byteflies is structured in autonomous cross-functional teams that all have skills to complete their own part of the Byteflies mission. All of these teams have great autonomy in reaching their goals.

We are looking for a part-time colleague with experience in reading EEG data in the context of epilepsy & seizure detection to help us develop added capabilities of our epicare@home solution and deliver direct impact on clinical care of people with epilepsy.


EpiCare@Home bridges the gap between video-EEG and seizure diaries by providing a user-friendly, unobtrusive, yet accurate multimodal wearable home monitoring solution for epileptic seizure detection. EpiCare@Home is an end-to-end service to support neurologists and generate data and epilepsy insights outside the hospital in a real world environment.

We are looking for experienced EEG interpreters to help us annotate & interpret real-world wearable multimodal data of people with (suspected) epilepsy.

This role is a part time role with flexible hours and remote work. Depending on your availability and our annotation load we are looking for people who can help from a couple of hours a week to 2 days a week.

What are we looking for?

  • You have experience with reading and interpreting EEG data for adults and/or pediatrics. You should know what abnormal vs normal EEG is both during the day and during sleep, at least for adults
  • You have experience with reading & interpreting EEG data in the epilepsy field. This should include annotations of clinical seizures and electrographic seizures.
  • You can prove your training and experience with references, accreditations, …
  • You could be a neurologist, epileptologist, clinical neurophysiologist, an EEG technician or nurse, or a signal processing expert or researcher with expertise in this field. Your job title or diploma is not the main criterion. Your expertise and experience are
  • Attention to detail and good written communication skills (English)
  • Medical knowledge in the epilepsy & neuroscience domain
  • You have access to a laptop or PC and a stable & secure internet connection

Your Role

Your basic responsibilities will include:

  • Limited-channel EEG data analysis & interpretation, combined with heart rate, respiration rate, and motion analysis: making annotations and preparing reports for physicians
    • For both focal and generalized seizures
    • We will train you on Byteflies Sensor Dot specific channels & analysis
  • Contribute to product development & data dashboards by advising our product development colleagues, testing & validating assumptions.
  • Do EEG interpretation/analysis for tests in clinical trials
  • You work remotely (although always welcome in our offices as well) on your own laptop. We provide software tools to support you in your work


We at Byteflies are Impactful Warriors and Positive Team Players. We want to change the world for the better. We like to do that by finding the smartest and fastest route to get to products and services of the right quality. We enjoy the ride and are humble, hungry, and people smart.

We are committed to empower clinical decisions to enable faster treatment adjustments, a better understanding of one’s epilepsy and improved care, so people and families affected by epilepsy can lead the lives they want.

Sounds interesting?

Send your CV and motivation letter to jobs@byteflies.com
Want to know more before you apply? Drop us a message or slide in our DMs.