ECG annotator (student job/part time/side job)

About Byteflies

We are the digital health company behind Sensor Dot, a powerful wearable platform for 24/7 acquisition of physiologic and behavioral data. We have developed remote monitoring applications for COVID-19, epilepsy and cardiovascular diseases, and have a pipeline of additional clinical indications.

Byteflies is structured in autonomous cross-functional teams that all have skills to complete their own part of the Byteflies mission. All of these teams have great autonomy in reaching their goals. We are looking for an entrepreneurial colleague for the Connecting the Heart team with lots of energy and passion to spread the telemonitor gospel and change the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

Could you be an annotator for Byteflies?

Byteflies is looking for ECG annotators to help us annotate the data collected by our sensor dots.

Sensor Dots are small wearable devices that can record high fidelity ECG and physical motion signals and transmit them securely to the Byteflies Cloud. Annotators check the data and the results of the algorithms before the data is processed to the dashboards of medical professionals and help us train and validate models.

We are looking for medical or bio-medical students, nurses, doctors in training to help us.

  • You have a medical background or are in medical training.
  • You can work precise and meticulous. You can concentrate well.
  • you feel at easy to communicatie in English
  • You’ll get an extra training by Byteflies. On top of that training you’ll work under supervision for the first days/weeks
  • You can do the work remotely: anywhere you have access to a computer and a secure wifi connection should do
  • You can organise your work in a flexible way and combine it with your studies or other job. After your training period you’ll be able to the annotations outside office hours. Monday and Friday are the most busy days. Ideally, you can work some hours on either Monday or Friday (or both :-)
  • You’ll need to be available to annotate at least 5 hours per week. We’re looking for assignments from 5 to 16 hours a week.
  • For your training you’ll have to travel to our office in Berchem and spend half a day with us.

To apply for this role: send your CV and motivation letter to jobs@byteflies. Please indicate when you’d be available for annotating and for how many hours a week.

Sounds interesting?

Send your CV and motivation letter to
Want to know more before you apply? Drop us a message or slide in our DMs.