AZ Sint-Maarten implements Byteflies platform

To have impact on patients, their families and the healthcare system caring for them, we rely on strong collaborations and continuous co-creation with healthcare professionals and hospitals.

AZ Sint-Maarten exemplifies how we skyrocket to reach more patients and support virtual care.
Because we share this common purpose they welcomed the implementation of our Byteflies platform. Our different Care@Home solutions leverage the power of remote patient monitoring and real-world data capturing to generate actionable insights across several therapeutic areas. The specialized use cases, all integrated in 1 platform, allow us to optimize care for many patients.

First the Cardiology & Neurology (Virginie Merckaert, Dr. Scheurwegs and colleagues) department adopted CardioCare@Home as it brings important value in the long term ECG monitoring of their cryptogenic stroke patients to detect atrialfibrillation.
Next, Neurologist Dr Pieternel Vanherpe, embraced EpiCare@Home as a novel tool in epilepsy as it allows remote, long-term EEG, ECG and motion monitoring in adult and pediatric people with epilepsy to get them on the right treatment faster.